x 55 Email Marketing

Get Your Message Out There

Do you want to get to your customers via direct marketing? Traditionally, this would involve you writing and designing a newsletter that would be printed out, copied, and sent through “snail mail.” The whole process could take weeks from beginning to the end. Why not just design an ad, send it to everyone in your email database and, be done with it within one day? With our marketing tools, you will be able to see how many clients have opened the email, clicked on the links, and how many have ignored the emails. All of this is important marketing information that will help you build a better marketing strategy.

If this marketing strategy is used correctly it will be the most cost-effective way to contact your customers and get your message out there.

55 Design creates an email marketing strategy based on your company and your clients. The primary goal is to get your customers to visit your website, and that’s what we're aiming for. We will make sure that your message gets to its destination by sending it via a "white listed server” which means your emails will not be automatically characterized as spam. Nobody likes a spammer.

Plus, if your customers don't get your emails, they might get emails from your competitors. Nobody wants that either!